Glacier Park keeps close watch on weather


Glacier Park keeps close watch on weather

KALISPELL, Mont. - Weather plays a big part in businesses outside of Glacier National Park. It's no surprise the heavy rain is closely tracked.

We headed out to see the Flathead River with Jeff Baldelli, the co-owner of Glacier Raft Company in West Glacier.

"It is starting to move a little faster with all the rain and the runoff," Baldelli said.  "It just seems like with the weather there's a lot of rain and then it's slated to have a few warm days that it could come up quite a bit."

Baldelli says they monitor and check river levels daily on various websites and in person. He says if conditions are unsafe, they'll make changes to their rafting trips.

"Safety is the top priority in everything, so we monitor it daily and throughout the day, and we really just adjust our trips and adjust our strategy on going on the river based around that level," Baldelli said.

Inside the park, officials say they're having problems with rain and snow.

"Lots of slides in the backcountry, or the front country for that matter.  Lots of slides and avalanches with debris on trails, in creeks and rivers.  A couple of bridges we've had to remove because of the damage that's happened to them in the backcountry," said Denise Germann, Glacier National Park's spokesperson.

While Germann says the season may be close to summer, sometimes looks can be deceiving.

"It's spring.  It's raining, there's rain on snow, which creates some unique hazardous situations, so use caution," Germann said.

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