Glacier National Park rangers continue to investigate hiker's death


Glacier National Park rangers continue to investigate hiker's death 06-27-2013

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. - A 64 year old man from Washington slipped and fell to his death in the Rim Rocks section of the Going to the Sun Road on Wednesday afternoon. Park officials say he was hiking alone on a closed trail.

It's been a week since Logan Pass opened to visitors and it's still snowy, wet, and hazardous for anyone who takes a visit up here. Just in case you miss that warning, there are signs urging people to stay away from certain areas in the park, but not everyone does.

"There's always that 10 percent that say well I'm special, I'm different. And they pay the price," said Travis Henry, who was visiting Logan Pass on Thursday.

NBC Montana drove to the spot where the Washington man slipped and fell. Officials said he was hiking on the Highline Trail. The trail is closed because it is still very snowy and dangerous. The park will not open it up until it is cleared and safe for people to hike on.

"These people live up here they know what our capabilities are," said Craig Henry. "For every action like that there's a consequence."

Rangers can issue citations for folks who step into closed areas, ranging from a $500 fine to 6 months in jail.

"They give us that caution information and we should adhere to that and pay attention so we don't have fatalities like that," concluded Patsy Henry.

Park officials urge folks to read all signs and warnings before heading onto trails. The victim's name has yet to be released, rangers are still investigating the incident.

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