Glacier alumni reminisce about time spent in the park


WEST GLACIER, Mont. - Glacier National Park took a step back into the past Sunday with an alumni luncheon. Past superintendents, rangers, and family gather yearly to reminisce about working in the Crown of the Continent and share stories about their time spent in the park.

NBC Montana spoke to Ronnie Budge, who lived in Glacier from 1962-1965 with her husband Charles. Charles Budge worked on forestry and fire control in the park. Every day, Budge said, was a new adventure.

"Never knew for sure if your husband was going to be home for dinner or even home at all," explained Budge. "He might be on the east side or on a rescue. You never knew if extra people were coming home for dinner or if there's going to be a sleeping bag on the floor in the living room. Times were exciting."

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