FVCC premieres student health clinic


FVCC premieres student health clinic 09-05-2013

KALISPELL, Mont. - Exam tables, eye charts, and a laboratory are all things you'd normally find in a doctor's office and never at a community college until now. FVCC's student health clinic opened a week ago and it's already turning heads.

"We are the first community college in Montana to have a health clinic for our students," said Chuck Jensen. "We're very proud of that."

Just $45 a semester, $90 for the school year covers students for anything that ails them, like mono, flu, and strep throat. Students without health insurance, like Patrick Blouin, don't mind reaching into their wallets for the FVCC clinic.

"It's fantastic for anyone that needs care," Blouin explained.

"It's a great population to work with," said the clinic's Shelley Naomi. "We have an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. Provide care where care maybe wouldn't be given."

It'll also give student nurses and others real world experience.

"When we do things like a flu clinic or wellness clinic we would be using our nursing students to participate in that," said Jensen.

The clinic got its own help - funding over the next five years come from an anonymous $50,000 a year donation. That means the clinic is self-supporting.

"That combined with the student fees that we're collecting we're providing all the revenue to support the clinic," Jensen explained.

Only a handful of students have checked out the clinic so far, but others say it'll be their first stop when the colds come knocking.

"If I ever need something a bit smaller taken care of and think it may be offered at the clinic I'll definitely stop by before making way way to a hospital," said Michael Selhost.

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