Friends, family excited to see Voisin ski in Sochi


Friends, family excited to see Voisin ski in Sochi

MISSOULA, Mont. - Most 15-year-olds will settle into their school classrooms Friday, anticipating a weekend away from books and tests.  But Maggie Voisin is not like most kids.  Last week Voisin skied her way into the record books, becoming the youngest U.S. winter Olympian since 1972.

It's quite an achievement, shocking to some but not to those who know her.

Melissa Pollard met Voisin in the fifth grade.  She tells NBC Montana her friend is amazing on skis.  "I knew she was going to go," says Pollard, "ever since she said she was going to go to the Olympics."

Maggie's brother Michael remembers getting the news.  "I picked up the phone and said, ‘hey Tucker' and he was like ‘she made it' and I said ‘I'll talk to you later', and hung up."

Maggie Voisin's success is "amazing" and "exciting" for Montana strangers.  They'll be glued to their television sets when the winter games start, cheering on the Montana phenom as she slides into the starting gate to take on slope style skiers from around the world.

For those who know her, Maggie Voisin's world stage is no surprise at all, it was supposed to happen.  To them, regardless of where she finishes, Voisin will always just be Maggie.

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