Former Olympic skating hopeful teaches in Whitefish


Former Olympic skating hopeful teaches in Whitefish

KALISPELL, Mont. - In the Flathead, a former figure skater is hoping to help new young Olympic hopefuls achieve their dreams of competing at the winter games.

Savannah Lilly has a dream -- "I think you just see them on TV and it's so exciting and you see yourself out there," said Lilly.

She one day hopes to compete internationally in figure skating.

Her father was a semi-professional hockey player, and an ice rink is like a second home to her.

"I see myself being on podiums and I just want my dreams to come true," Lilly said.

Lilly's coach Chad Goodwin competed at the national level for figure skating in Canada, but never reached the Olympics.

"I started figure skating at age 10, and I started doing it to improve my ice skating skills and hockey but then I really started liking the sport of figure skating.  It was very challenging," said Goodwin.

After traveling through the Flathead, Goodwin and his wife fell in love with the area, and decided to make it their home.

Goodwin then decided to teach skating lessons and started the Glacier Skate Academy where he trains and teaches figure skaters hoping to help them achieve a dream he came close to.

While Goodwin tells us it's the competitions and shows that help them train and become better skaters, it's that Olympic dream that has them coming back for more.

"There's not a whole lot of luck in skating.  You really need to have that technique.  So you're thinking about where's your arms, where's your shoulders, your hips, your body positions to make sure you're going to nail that jump," Lilly said.

While Goodwin doubts he'll ever stand on another podium, he's happy to help others achieve that dream.

"I don't want to go back to competing and hard training.  It's a lot on your body.  For doing it for a long time I have those knee problems and ankle problems," said Goodwin.

For more information on Glacier Skate Academy, you visit their website at http://www.glacierskateacademy.org.

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