Flathead road crews warn about dumping clippings near roads


KALISPELL, Mont. - Road crews in the Flathead are warning residents not to dump their lawn clippings or brush into ditches and culverts.

One of the main areas of concern is in the Helena Flats area, where gathered brush and piles of grass from cut lawns are ending up near the sides of roads.

With rainwater pooling in those same spots, the brush and clippings could cause drainage problems for the roads, potentially washing them out or causing damage.

Flathead County Public Works Director David Prunty says, while it may be easy for people to just ditch clippings there, it has the potential to be really dangerous during a rain storm.

"There's work involved for us to get it out of there, and if we do get -- just like we had our big 3-inch rain storm -- if drainage issues show up and that material plugs culverts or whatever it is, we can have some serious issues going on then with potential damage to the roadway," said Prunty.

Prunty says taking it to the county landfill is the easiest and safety way for people to get rid of lawn clippings and brush.

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