Flathead County experiences some flooding


KALISPELL, Mont. - The Flathead Valley hasn't had to deal with too much flooding, but there is some.

Off highway 35 on Middle Road, there's flooding on the lower lands and blocking some roads. Experts advise to find another way around the water, but people have been trying to drive through the flooding.

To prepare for flooding, one expert said that they have sandbags for people to buy and all first responders have a plan of action. Until then, they monitor the roads and flooding and act accordingly when something happens.

Lincoln Chute is the Flathead Fire Services Manager and he works out of the Office of Emergency Services, explains what they hope for with warmer weather heading this way.

"It's the beginning of spring time and hopefully we can get the valley snow and all this water into the ground and gone before the mountain snow starts coming off, that's the best thing. If we can get that gone and then when the mountain snow comes off, hopefully in a nice, slow, even fashion, we won't have problems," said Chute.

Chute says that sometimes sandbags aren't the most efficient tool. An alternative to using sandbags to stop flooding is using straw bales with wood stakes. You drive a wood stake through straw bales that are wrapped in plastic sheeting to the ground.

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