Flathead County Animal Shelter exceeds fundraising goals

KALISPELL, Mont. - Donations continue to pour in for the Flathead County Animal Shelter after a local philanthropist challenged the community to help out.

John Kramer initially pledged $10,000 for the kennel improvement project at the shelter. Since then, donations have topped over $40,000 and continue to come in daily. Shelter director Cliff Bennett said the money will go towards a new air conditioning system in the kennels as well as the construction of kennel patios, which will allow dogs more time and space outside.

"Animals just see us so its really nice when people can interact with them just support them," said shelter worker Rae Trant. "That's what they need. They need someone to come help them and get a better establishment."

To learn more or donate to the shelter, visit the Flathead Shelter Friends' website.

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