Flathead animal nonprofit receives large donation



Staff at the Flathead Spay and Neuter Task Force were surprised to find out about a sizable donation made out to them. A Longtime volunteer, Gail Sheffield, put the Task Force in her will. She ended up leaving her house in Many Lakes to the group, as well as her car.

That means staff will have roughly $300,000 to put toward their operations.

"We never turn anyone away, and we do want these cats taken care of," said Executive Director Mimi Beadles. "We will alter them and vaccinate them and if they don't have money they just need to let us know. We just want the surgeries done and that's what we want to be Gail's legacy."

Gail worked as a feral cat trapper for the nonprofit, and took on many other duties as well. Beadles says the group plans to name its Columbia Falls clinic after her. 

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