Fishing docks replaced at Echo and Smith Lakes


BIGFORK, Mont. - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are replacing old fishing docks at Smith and Echo Lake with new $10,000 docks.

Temporary fishing docks have been installed at both lakes so people can enjoy the lake while the permanent docks are being built.

It's been nearly 10 years since the previous docks were installed.  Echo Lake's docks are some of the most heavily used fishing docks in the area, and John Fraley, of Fish, Wildlife and Parks in Kalispell, says that it's time these docks are replaced so they're safe to use.

"Responsibilities we have are to make sure people have access to all these waterways in Region 1," said Fraley.  "We have more water in Region 1 than a lot of the state put together.  What happens is these docks are good for about ten years with all the wave action and use and so on.   They wear out and this is just time to replace them."

Fraley said the docks are being built locally in the Flathead, and he expects them to be installed at both lakes by the end of the month.

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