First Motocross race in years at Hungry Horse Track


First motocross race in years at Hungry Horse track

HUNGRY HORSE, Mont. - Crowds came out in the flathead today...for a motocross race in hungry horse.

It's the first race on the track in six years.

Ready. Set. Go.

Motocross is more than just a sport for these competitors.

"Anaconda, Helena, Great Falls. Just all over the states," said Shaylee Petersen, a motocross racer.

It's their life. These racers travel almost every weekend to compete on tracks across the state.

And many of them say they learned to ride shortly after they learned to walk.

"My step dad, he likes to dirt bike. He got me and my brother little four wheelers, little Suzuki 50's when we were younger and we just went from there, and fell in love with the bikes and the quads, and all that," explained Taylor Vaughn, a motocross competitor.

"My dad raced. It's kind of a family sport for us," said Michaela Shard.

"I just like riding motorcycles. I like riding dirt bike racing," said Clifford and Buddy.

Motocross is a sport that's growing in popularity, especially in the Flathead. Hundreds showed up Sunday, many to participate in the race and some just to watch.

Racers told us they were pleased with the conditions on the track.

"Really good, because the track, it was raining a little and the rain makes the track a little bit muddy and dries, and the whole shot was really good," said Julian, a motocross racer.  

Sunday offered a race for everyone:  Young, over 30's, intermediate, professional level, boys and girls.

"Had a fairly good start, I was in third then just got really tired. I think I ended up seventh or something. So, it's not too terrible, I'm pleased," said Vaughn.

But it's more than the competition that gets these people out.

"It's kind of an escape. It's just a blast, that's all there is to it," said Vaughn.

"Hit a rock and you get loose, you get a rush of adrenaline and it makes something special happen," said Julian.

Whatever reason, racers are always looking to the next time they can ride.

The next race in the Flathead will be on May 25th at Dairyland Motorcross Park in Kalispell.

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