Firefighter, veteran is KCFW's Local Hero


Firefighter, veteran is KCFW's Local Hero 07-03-2013

KALISPELL, Mont. - Thank you cards plaster a bulletin board in the South Kalispell Fire Department. They express gratitude for what the volunteer firefighters do on an everyday basis.

"They leave their families in the middle of the night, at the dinner table, anytime of the day to save a life. I think its really great what they do," said Carrie Jones.

Jones knows about the sacrifice volunteer firefighters make - her husband, Captain Mike Jones, is called out to multiple fires and medical emergencies without batting an eye.

"He really does a lot more than he gives himself credit for, all of us see it," said Jones. "He's just really deserving of being called a hero."

But Mike, an Army veteran, said he's always been interested in firefighting and helping others, that's why he joined the squad six years ago.

"It's an honor that I'm receiving it but I'm no more of a hero than any other volunteer fire member out there," explained Captain Jones.

"I couldn't do it myself," said Carrie Jones. "Its great what they do and what they sacrifice."

It's a tough job, long hours for no pay, but Mike and others at South Kalispell Fire say it's worth it, especially when a thank you note ends up on their walls.

"It's neat to see them all get together and help the community in such a huge way," Carrie Jones said.

"Saving someone's house, saving someone's life. It's just a good feeling and motivates you to keep going," said Captain Jones.

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