Family of missing woman searches for answers


Family of missing woman searches for answers

KALISPELL, Mont. - Carmen Keibler remembers the day she got the news her sister, 32-year-old Nicole Waller, went missing.

"My mom and I called every hospital, clinic, any place we could think of from here to North Dakota just trying to see if maybe something had happened and she wasn't able to contact us herself."

Nicole had been visiting a friend in Fairview, Montana. She left there to return to the Flathead on February 14, 2013.  That same day, a state trooper tagged her abandoned car near Poplar, eight hours east of her Kalispell home.

But Keibler didn't know that. On the February 16, she started to worry, and started to call for help.

Then she found out Waller's pet guinea pigs, clothes and the keys, still in the ignition, were inside her abandoned car.

"My sister wouldn't have left animals in the car. She was an animal lover, no, and she wouldn't have done that," said Keibler.

Nine months later, Keibler got a call from the Department of Justice. She learned Waller wasn't considered a missing person anymore, but rather a murder victim.

"Being told that, it made it more real that there was no chance she was coming home," Keibler said.

Since then, Keibler says her family has received no new information.

She's hoping that a year later, someone, somewhere, will have something new to add to the case.

"I'm not going to give up.  I hound the law enforcement agencies all the time.  What's new, what's going on," said Keibler.

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