Family, friends react to Graham's arraignment


KALISPELL, Mont. - Jordan Linn Graham's arraignment leaves mixed feelings in the Flathead. Some are happy to see the case move forward, and others are questioning why Graham denied all three charges.

On social media, we reached out to dozens of Jordan Graham's Facebook friends before and after she pleaded not guilty. Those who answered expressed shock and anger. One friend said he "always thought Jordan was odd, but never imagined she was capable of murder." Another we talked to said Jordan "has lied to a lot of us" and feels "badly that she didn't have any other options."

A close family friend to the Johnson's, Tracey Maness, tells us she's happy about the charges.

"I spoke with the family today and we all wish that the court would have taken Jordan in to custody," said Maness. "But we are still satisfied with the charge of first degree murder and we're just waiting for the trial."

Another friend of Johnson's told us he's "glad to see the ball rolling on this case." He concluded our call and said "we may never find out the truth, but we all hope justice will prevail."

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