Experts analyze Shane Todd suicide note


KALISPELL, Mont. - An NBC Montana update on what happened to a Flathead man working in Singapore. Investigators there decided Shane Todd killed himself but now we've talked with a behavioral specialist convinced he was murdered.

We caught up with Dr. David Camp, a criminologist from Illinois. Dr. Camp explained how he took a closer look at the supposed suicide note left on Todd's computer. After close analysis, Dr. Camp feels the style and tone of the letter was detached and unemotional. He doesn't think that matches up with Todd's personality.

In the note, Todd is said to have thanked his employer, IME, but his colleagues knew he hated IME. Todd's parents are convinced their son was murdered.

"It's pretty clear something happened to what was considered a very brilliant young man. Everything that would implicate a suicide is absent from what I can tell," explained Dr. Camp.

The Todd family continues to fight for what they say is the truth about their son's death.

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