Evergreen store burglarized, thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen


EVERGREEN, Mont. - Evergreen's Army-Navy was burglarized early Sunday morning, owner Briar Purdy said thieves broke in using rocks to smash their front door and made off with $15,000 to $20,000 worth of merchandise.

The burglars stole expensive knives, GPS systems, flashlights and ski jackets. Sheriff's deputies arrived quickly to the scene but when they searched the store the thieves were gone.

Army-Navy isn't the only store in Evergreen that has been burglarized, Subway and other stores share similar stories of incidents that happened over the past 90 days. But Purdy said he wants to protect what he has - that's why he's offering a reward.

"I've also put it up on the reader board at 4 o'clock in the morning," said Purdy, "I was up there changing my reader board that I'd give out a $2000 reward becasue that's how angry I was. That's resonated with people, I felt that strong about it."

"I actually thought about doing the same thing myself," said Subway owner Jeff Erickson, "I'm really glad that someone took the initiative to put that reward out for someone. I think it'll be pretty easy to get some young folks to talk."

The Flathead County Sheriff's Office issued a press release Wednesday in regards to the burglaries. Sheriff Chuck Curry reports that a 15 year old Kalispell male, along with two additional 14 and 15 year old Evergreen teens have been arrested in connection with this burglary.

The Army-Navy burglary has led to charges against these three subjects for thefts and burglaries at Pacific Steel, Flathead Glass Works, Evergreen Subway, Evergreen Gas and Deli, Heads-Up-Tobacco, Smoke Haus Emporium and the Evergreen McDonalds.

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