Enrollment decreases for Flathead Valley Community College


KALISPELL, Mont. - The President of Flathead Valley Community College or FVCC said that they are losing about 100 students this spring semester. Despite this decrease, president Jane Karas said that over the last 10 years FVCC has actually seen an increase in enrollment by 15-20 percent.

Between last year spring semester and this year spring semester Flathead Valley community college has seen a 10-percent decrease in enrollment.

Many different kinds of students attend community college. Some of who are working along with taking classes. President Jane Karas explains that community college is correlated with the economy. The recent increased economy, has led some of those working students to take the job over finishing school.

"Community Colleges are certainly connected with the economy and as the economy improves, we have so many more non-traditional aid students who are working while they're in school, that as job opportunities improve students do take fewer classes, so it does impact our enrollment," said Jane Karas.

President Karas told NBC Montana that she believes more students out of high school and coming back to school from the work place realize the benefits of starting at a community college that costs less and then they can transfer to a four year university.

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