Doctor, guide rescue baby moose from Montana river


TWIN BRIDGES, Mont. - A Pennsylvania doctor on a guided fishing trip in southwestern Montana went home with an amazing tale of hauling in a 25-pound lunker - a baby moose plucked from the rushing waters.
Karen Sciascia of Red Hill, Pa., and guide Seth McLean with Four Rivers Fishing Co. were fishing the Big Hole River Saturday, June 1 when they spotted a cow moose with a calf trying to cross the river.
Sciascia says that the mother moose struggled to cross and when her calf tried to follow, it was swept away.
They followed downstream, finally spotting the tiny moose's nose just above the water.
Sciascia says she scooped the moose out of the water and McLean rowed the raft upriver so they could return the calf to her mother.

NBC Montana talked with McLean Thursday who said the two made sure to be very careful not to over-handle the moose. He said they were happy to see the mother take it back.

"The last time I could look back up there she (the mother) was up cleaning him off and walking back in to the trees with him," said McLean.

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