Damnation Fire continues to grow


KALISPELL, Mont. - The Damnation Fire has taken over a large portion of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and it's still growing.

Officials told us the fire has burned through 3,600 acres so far. It's in the middle of the Bob Marshall about 50 miles southeast of Kalispell, and it's not threatening any structures.

We spoke directly to fire bosses to get the latest information. They're letting the fire burn, while keeping a close eye on four other smaller fires in the area.

Public Information Officer Al Koss said the same area burned back in the year 2000.  Because "The Bob" is uninhabited, fire managers plan to let nature take its course.

"We're allowing the fire to burn and lay its natural course there in wilderness to reintroduce fire back onto that landscape that's always been there," Koss said.  "The fire is within the Bob Marshall Wilderness and it's enhancing wilderness character, so that's why we're allowing the fire to burn it's natural course there."

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