Corgi reunited with Kalispell woman after weekend search


Corgi reunited with Kalispell woman after weekend search 01-15-2013

KALISPELL, Mont. - Milo the Corgi loves to run around, but when he got spooked by a snowmobiler who was grooming trails in Herron Park on Saturday he ran off. Owner Allyson Sempek spent seven hours looking for her puppy before heading home.

"The hardest part was coming back and leaving without him," said Sempek. "Knowing that he was still out there and that it was really cold out."

On Sunday, Allyson was back out on the trails and split up search efforts with a friend. By midday she got herself several miles off the trail. Lost, hurt, and in a panic she called 911 and was rescued by ALERT helicopter.

"It was heartbreaking because I still left and I didn't have Milo," Sempek explained.

As Monday rolled around, the Sempek's house was still empty and quiet without the jingle of Milo's collar. Disheartened, Allyson and her mother Nancy waited by the phone. They later received a call from a Good Samaritan who noticed the corgi playing with another dog and picked it up. Their reaction was anything but sad.

"I collapsed on the ground.... we had been crying for three days. We would just come home and weep. He's our baby," said Allyson.

What Allyson claims is 'the longest 15 minutes of her life,' Milo was driven back to the Sempek's house and reunited with her one true love.

"The best birthday gift I can ask for is that he came home," explained Allyson, as her 20th birthday is on Thursday.

While Milo is safe and sound, eating treats and playing with his favorite ball, the Sempek's hope to get him out and running again, next time with a collar on his neck.

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