Cold weather means extra preparations for first responders


KALISPELL, Mont. - Kalispell fire officials know winter months can sometimes mean more fires.

One big concern is making sure their pumps don't freeze. Usually fire trucks have 500 gallons of water in them, and in these cold temperatures they have a fan circulating to keep the pumps from freezing.

The winter isn't only hard on the equipment during winter months, firefighters have to withstand cold temperatures for as long it takes to finish the job.

Chief Dedman explained to NBC Montana their preparations in order to keep warm when out on a call. 

"To make sure everyone has the apparel and the safety gear that they need to stay warm. If we do have an incident, make sure we have a place to rehab where they can go to warm up. Providing plenty to eat and drink. And to make sure we have appropriate resources, make sure we have enough personnel on scene to do the job."

Firefighters don't wear any more gear in the winter months than they do in the summer. The only thing they typically add is hats and gloves, and on occasion they will wear ice cleats.

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