Climber dies from fall in Glacier


Climber dies from fall in Glacier

WEST GLACIER, Mont. - A hiker has died at Glacier National Park after he fell 1,000 feet to his death.

Four employees of Glacier Park Inc. left to go hiking Apikuni Mountain Tuesday morning. Around 11:15 a.m. the group called park dispatch, reporting a hiker had fallen down the mountain.

"It's a very steep, rocky, treacherous area," said Public Affairs Officer Denise Germann. She told us that crews spotted the 21-year old's body from the air.

"This was an extremely sad and tragic event.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of our lost associate, his friends, his associates," said Ron Cadrette, Vice President/General Manager of Glacier Park Inc.  He says that all employees of his company are trained on day one about the dangers of the wilderness in the park.

"All our employees go through a day one orientation training program which covers a range of safety topics including what cautions to take while hiking.  In addition they are required to attend a two hour orientation with the National Park Service."

But even with proper training, peaks like the 9,000-plus foot Mount Apikuni are dangerous for everyone.

"You always remind folks to be as careful as you can," Germann said.  "Use best judgment, have the right equipment, have the correct skills for what you may be attempting, but again, it's wilderness, it's back country, it's nature."

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