Chilling court documents released in toddler's death


Chilling court documents released in toddler's death

MISSOULA, Mont. - Court documents released today reveal what happened in the final hours of Brody Cramer's life.

Early in the morning on July 9, investigators found the three-year-old's body in a field just outside of Anaconda. His father, Jeremy Cramer, had been arrested just hours before trying to wash blood off of his clothes in a convenience store bathroom.

Newly-released court documents state that Jeremy Cramer was acting erratic when authorities found him, and may have been taking a high amount of Adderall in the hours leading up to Brody's death.

At one point in custody, Jeremy Cramer phoned his father. Authorities monitored the call, in which Jeremy stated to his father that he killed his son and was hallucinating. At one point in the conversation, Jeremy stated to his father, "I was walking and I have blood on me. We were having hallucinations. I just lost my best friend and I don't know why."

At another point in the conversation, when Jeremy's father asks why Jeremy is so convinced his son is dead, Jeremy responds, "You make me re-live, re-live, re-live… We stopped, ran out of gas, we were walking Chester then we were walking down the road. Then we stopped, turned around and came back and I don't know why and then we turned around and came back and started walking again. And Brody was like some other kid when he was on my neck he was like he was doing something to me and I don't know what it wasn't Brody. It was Brody through the whole ride. And that's what happened. He was living through my head. I remember looking at his face and I just died right there."

According to the boy's mother, Jeremy Cramer left with his son in the morning hours of July 8 from their Lacey, Washington home. She got nervous after not hearing from them for hours.

Investigators found the remains of Brody just after 6:00 a.m. on July 9. He died of blunt force and sharp force trauma.

Jeremy Cramer is charged with Deliberate Homicide and could face the death penalty or life in prison.

We have attached the court documents to this story. We do want to warn you that some of the details can be disturbing to read. Click here for the full document.

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