Cherry trees unharmed by this year's winter weather


BIGFORK, Mont. - Owners of Flathead cherry orchards are breathing a sigh of relief.  The harsh winter didn't harm their trees.

It's still early to predict, but so far, so good.  

Last year, the area had a last minute cold snap, but surprisingly it was a good thing. It wiped about 20 percent of their crops, but it helped the trees produce bigger cherries.

"Right now, we think everything's on target, as well as the state of Washington and Oregon, they're on target too. And one of the unusual things is normally what happens in Washington, we can have happen over here, because they get some of the same weather patterns, we just get them a little later," said Kenen Edgington, owner of Bear Dance Orchard.

Cherries are usually harvested toward the end of July. Warmer weather means the trees will likely bloom next week.

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