Cherry farmers prepare for harvesting


Cherry farmers prepare for harvesting

LAKESIDE, Mont. - Cherry season here in Montana is almost upon us as cherry farmers in the Flathead are beginning to prepare to pick and sell their crop. 

"I get about 50 calls a day saying when is your stand open, when are you gonna start selling cherries," said Louise Swandberg of Caroline Pointe Orchards.  She says that the weather over the past few months has set up what should be a good season for cherry farmers.

"Things have gone along just perfect and this weather is absolutely perfect.  We've had a few little rains but not enough to have any damage."

Louise says that although she isn't harvesting more crop than years past, cherries prices are up, which will help make up for the lost cherries.

"The international price of cherries is at an all time high.  That bodes well for us.  We need a year in the black, not the red."

So why cherries?  Well Louise at Caroline Pointe Orchards tells us that they're full of antioxidants and very healthy for you and it doesn't hurt that they taste good.

"Cherries and blueberries are actually good anti-inflammatories.  They're good for arthritis, gout, and possibly even some inflammatory cancers."

Louise is hoping to pick her crop in the next couple of days and have her stand open for July 20th.

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