Businesses express concern as bypass construction continues


Businesses express concern as bypass construction continues 09-06-2013

KALISPELL, Mont. - Summer is winding down, and businesses already notice a drop in numbers with visitors leaving the area. But construction on the Kalispell bypass could put another dent in September revenue. Steve Moseley, a manager at Subway on Highway 93 told NBC Montana the sandwich shop consistently sees a steady stream of business.

"We get about 300 customers a day give or take on a busy day," said Moseley.

But lately the parking lot has thinned out. We told you how construction on the Kalispell bypass dropped traffic down to just two lanes - that means it's tougher to get to Hutton Ranch Plaza and nearby shops.

"People who are going through will bypass the area and potentially lose business on that because we don't have traffic on the street anymore," Moseley explained.

Sales at Subway haven't dipped yet, but Moseley knows the project can take up to 30 days to finish, and that's a serious concern.

"You never know. It's a very unpredictable element," said Moseley. "Hopefully we'll get construction guys in here to make up for it. "

Still, Moseley is staying positive. He looks to the completion of this phase and the new traffic flow as a way to earn back any money Subway might lose during September.

"Hopefully it'll bring a nice steady stream to us and will make up for it on the backside."

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