Blizzard conditions shut down schools, businesses, and events


MISSOULA, Mont. - Blizzard conditions in Western Montana have shut down schools across the region. The hardest hit area appears to be Missoula.

In downtown Missoula, several businesses decided not to open their doors. High winds built up snow drifts in parking lots across the city, and vehicles are getting stuck on many city streets.

Emergency management officials are urging people to stay home if they can.

The University of Montana cancelled classes, and asked even essential employees to call their supervisors to see if they were really needed. In addition, Missoula and Bitterroot Colleges are both closed for the day.

By late morning, businesses ranging from the Kettlehouse Brewing Company to Destination Missoula offices ended up announcing a closure for the day. In addition, the Missoula Public Library announced it was closing early, and some banks announced closures for today and Saturday.

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