Blacktail Mountain gearing up for 2012-2013 season


Blacktail Mountain gearing up for 2012-2013 season 11-9-12

LAKESIDE, Mont. - The Flathead Valley may not have seen a lot of snow but up on Blacktail Mountain the flakes are falling, and falling fast.

Officials say the mountain saw some snow showers about two weeks ago, which added about 10 inches to the ground. That melted away, but now winter is definitely making a second go on the ski hill. They've also seen a 5% increase in season ticket sales, so they're optimistic about the season ahead.

"I just wait and see what comes," said owner Steve Spencer. "You can listen to all the predictions - just like last year was supposed to be a La Nina year and a lot of skiers had a tough go but we got lucky and dodged that bullet by getting that early snow mid-November and so we were fortunate."

Blacktail hopes to start up their lifts sometime between the first and second weekends in December, weather permitting.

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