Beer Barter will take place this weekend at Whitefish Winter Carnival


WHITEFISH, Mont. - The city council of whitefish reached a final decision late last night regarding the beer barter for Whitefish Winter Carnival this weekend.

After much discussion from both parties, the council agreed to allow the permit for the beer barter in a 4 to 1 decision.

To make sure that the beer barter goes better than the previous years, the council has put some tight rules in place that the general manager of the Great Northern Brewing Company must accommodate. Just to name a few new rules for this year:

  • Great Northern Brewing Company must stop serving beer at 6:30
  • They are required to pay a 5-thousand dollar performance bond to the city which will be given back if the stipulations are met this weekend
  • Great Northern Brewing Company, city manager of whitefish and Police Chief Bill Dial must meet 30-days after the event to have a follow-up on how it went and what needs to be improved for next year.

 People from the community expressed their opinion on what they believe should happen with the beer barter this year.

"I just wanted to lend support to Chief Dial. I know this is an unpopular decision probably but I've sat in on a lot of these meetings and I have never seen him be arbitrary what-so-ever so I think there is probably a good reason why he's come up with that decision."

"I'm here to speak in favor of granting the permit to the brewery again this year. I think it could be a little arbitrary to deny the permit."

One of the things that has to be done is Chief Bill Dial, Marcus Duffey and Whitefish City Manager Chuck Stearns will meet sometime tomorrow to discuss what is expected of beer barter so it operates smoothly.

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