Bear roams Kalispell neighborhood


KALISPELL, Mont. - The Kalispell Police Department had a close encounter with a black bear when they were trying to move it out of town.

The pursuit lasted a few hours as they tried to move the bear out of the neighborhood. Eventually he left and was back in the wilderness.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman John Fraley says that bears won't normally be scared off this easily, and this was a unique situation.

"The officers took charge and were able to move the bear through town and it's pretty amazing, the amount of time they spent to do that and we really appreciate it so it's kind of unusual being able to move a bear like that but they were able to do it," Fraley said.

Fraley wants to remind people that if they do see a bear in their neighborhood, to not try and scare it away yourself. He says stay indoors and contact local law enforcement.

We posted the dash cam video from police to our Facebook page. Click here to watch it.

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