Bank account fraud cases sweep Flathead


Bank account fraud cases sweep Flathead

KALISPELL, Mont. - If you've seen unusual charges on your bank account recently, you're not alone.

Hundreds of customers at several Flathead Valley banks are part of a string of fraud cases.

The fraud cases have been an ongoing issue for about a week now, where banks are rushing to notify customers that their accounts have been compromised. The source of the problem has still yet to be found.

Banks across the Flathead are reporting that people are finding suspicious and odd charges on their accounts from retail stores for large amounts of money.

Several banks like Glacier Bank and Flathead Bank say they deal with fraud cases regularly, but not this many at once.

"I would ask anyone who may have any concerns to get with their bank or credit union as quickly as possible," said Flathead Bank President and CEO Dr. John Hanson.

He says these fraud cases are a nationwide trend.

"They're not targeting people in the Flathead.  What they target is the opportunity to gain account numbers.  They'll target places that do a lot of card business," said Hanson.

He hopes that this incident can raise awareness and prevent a large case of fraud from happening in the Flathead again.

"We've become very accustomed to having it all being right and very few customers go online and check their bank balances or open those bank statements.  Remind the customers that please, in this time, be sure that you check your bank balances and bank records for any potential fraud," said Hanson.

He believes that once it's all settled, the total number of customers affected could be in the thousands.

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