Automobile traditions continue on Father's day


Automobile traditions continue on Father's day

EVERGREEN, Mont. - Fathers and sons came out to Evergreen to show off their rides at a car show this Father's day.

Working on and fixing up cars with Dad is a time honored tradition across the country that many fathers and sons have experienced growing up, like Damian Hurst of Evergreen, who says he got into cars because of his father.

"Me and my step dad growing up he worked for a guy that had many AMC's, and when we went to work together we got to build all these cool cars together," said Hurst.

And like the tradition, Hurst works on his 72 AMC Ambassador, with his 3 kids.

"I have 3 boys and they really like cars now a days, and it just brings me and my kids together since they're my step sons.  So me and them, we can get together and bond and work on something we both like."

Hurst enjoys taking his car out and showing it off at car shows, and says the best part about going to the shows, is letting everyone see your hard work.

"I love car shows and I went with my dad all the time with his car when we built it, and now that I got my own old school I can come out here and show it off and put me and my kid's hard work to a good view."

And like Hurst did with his Dad, maybe someday his kids will do with their own.

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