Authorities arrest four involved for vandalism


Authorities arrest four involved for vandalism 09-16-13

KALISPELL, Mont. - Four Flathead teens are accused of shooting out car and house windows in a crime spree that left close to 100 people picking up the pieces.

We've learned the oldest of the four suspects is 17, the youngest 14, and all four were taken to the Juvenile Detention Center in Kalispell.

The damage they are accused of causing is spread all over town, with 100 victims that we know of.

The vandalism spree happened Sunday morning.  Investigators told NBC Montana the boys used a BB gun.

Authorities are saying damage estimates could be more than $20,000.

Early Sunday morning, Kalispell residents began calling the police department, reporting that their car windows and even some house windows had been shot out.

We hit the streets to talk with people affected by the vandalism and found Dean Marsh cleaning up glass from a broken car window.  Marsh says he was away at the time, and didn't know it had happened.

"My wife called me last night to say she had gone online to the Daily Interlake and saw my truck's photo on the front page feature story," said Marsh.  "She said you might want to come home and check your truck."

We also spoke with a few other residents who were affected by the vandalism.  They told me they don't want to go on camera because this has happened in their neighborhood before and they don't want to be targeted again.

Marsh says he hasn't gotten a quote for the window, but he'll need to replace it soon, before the cold weather comes around.

He expects it to cost a few hundred dollars, money he says he wishes he didn't have to spend.

"I don't need this.  I could save my money for other projects around the house."

Both residents and Marsh tell me that after this incident, they may be parking their cars in other areas, to prevent having to spend a few more hundred dollars.

"Definitely think twice.  Fortunately it's an old wood truck so I'm not too concerned but it really doesn't need to be out on the street so I guess I could keep it in a parking lot in back."

The four suspects were arrested on felony criminal mischief charges and were brought to the Flathead County Juvenile Detention Center where they'll be held until their initial appearance in Juvenile Court.

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