Auction continues 47 year tradition despite unruly weather


CRESTON, Mont. - One man's trash is always another man's treasure at the Creston Auction. The 47 year old tradition continued Saturday with five auctioneers selling everything from furniture to car parts, and every other auction item imaginable.

Creston's all-volunteer fire department benefits directly from the auction. Proceeds go towards the purchase of fire fighter and medical equipment, as well as other supplies the fire district cannot cover.

Despite the unpredictable weather, the fire department was confident a little rain or snow always brings the auction some good luck.

"Everybody says that the weather's terrible on Creston Auction day. We get a little bit of weather, but you look - there's thousands of people here," said Tom Briney of CFD. "The buyers are here. They always come out because they know there's some great deals to be had here. There's always diamonds in the rough."

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