Alcohol sales increasing during holiday season


Alcohol sales increasing during holiday season

KALISPELL, Mont. - The winter holidays are one of the most important parts of the year for retailers; it's when they see their biggest sales.

Christmas and New Years Eve are also two of the biggest holidays for alcohol consumption, so it's little wonder that places like Brix Bottle shop in Kalispell tell us that sales are booming during the month of December.

"I anticipated it to be busier for sure and it actually is much busier than I had expected," said Karen Sanderson, owner of Brix Bottle Shop, a beer and wine specialty store in Kalispell.

Sanderson first opened her doors for business last December, and immediately found out how busy the holidays would be for her store.

"We had just opened and not many people knew we were here and so it was definitely a slower opening but we were pretty busy just opening," said Sanderson.

Sanderson says she's already surpassed last December's totals, and could see sales close to double what she brought in last year.

She says that year round they normally have steady sales, but it's the holidays that see customers buy higher quality items whether that is for themselves, or others.

"They make great gifts of course.  But I think people like to take it to the next level when it comes to holiday shopping for beverages so instead maybe of the $10 bottle of wine they want the
$20 bottle or the $30 bottle," said Sanderson

And when Christmas is over, her sales won't slow down.

Sanderson says New Years Eve is another big holiday for alcohol sales.

"We are trying to take a deep breath and hurry and restock and reorder and bring in new things," Sanderson said.

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