A night to remember Cody Johnson


Celebration of Cody Johnson life at Faith Baptist Church

KALISPELL, Mont. - Two weeks ago, Cody Johnson's wife, Jordan Graham was sentenced to 30 years in prison for Johnson's murder.

She confessed last summer to pushing her husband off a cliff, to his death in Glacier National Park.

The case drew international attention, and the Kalispell community looked to tonight's memorial to help them find healing.

On Sunday night, friends and family came to Faith Baptist Church in Kalispell to celebrate Cody Johnson's life.

"Nice for everyone to get together and kind of be done with the case and the trial and everything," said Levi Blasdel, Cody's friend.

"Enjoyed the fact that it wasn't such a funeral aspect. We already did the funeral, already did all that. So, it was more an enjoyment to get together and share stories again," said Jacob Bell, Cody's friend.  

And that was the purpose for tonight. On Tuesday April 8th, Cody would have turned 26 years old. So this memorial was a birthday celebration.

Tonight some of Cody's closest friends and family stood up in front of everybody and shared memories and stories about him, and then the Pastor gave out a dedication book for everyone to take home with some of Cody's favorite passages from the Bible.

Many people came out to honor Cody and share happy memories. The room was full of laughter and tears. It was mentioned a lot that Cody may have been young but he sure did touch a lot of people's lives, and his friends are going to make sure his memory lives on.

"We still have his car yet to put together and his memorial to put together, so we still have some unfinished business," said Blasdel.  

"Cody was definitely big into the cars, and definitely the car shows. We're going to definitely put on some car shows in his name. We have tons of cars around town with his name already on it, in memories," said Bell.

Friends said this memorial is how Cody would've wanted to see everyone, laughing and having a good time.

At the memorial, Cody's mother unveiled a plaque of his picture that will stay in the church to remember him.

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