35th Glacier Glide race in Whitefish


Dozen of skiers race in Glacier Glide Nordic Ski Race today

WHITEFISH, Mont. - No matter the outcome, racers finished the Glacier Glide Nordic Ski race Sunday with a feeling of accomplishment.

"My goal was just to come out and have a good race and have some fun at a nice local race," said Ruben Castren.

"My goal was to have fun and just got out there and do the best I could do, and that's what I did. And I just kept up with the front pack and stayed right in there," said Sylas Schutt.

"I just wanted to do it to do it and see what I could do," said Keelan Gorman.  

Ruben tells NBC Montana that he learned to ski when he learned to walk, and he's looking forward to some big events coming up for Nordic skiing.

"There's Junior Nationals in Stowe Vermont in first week of March. Which there's qualifiers, you have to qualify to go to that. Our first qualifier was last weekend. So yeah, hopefully I will be going to that in March."

The winner of the 9k and a top five finisher of the 18k says the key to success is being able to relax.

"Try to stay calm and ski," said Gorman.

"I don't know. Relax, don't really think about it much. Don't want to psyche myself out," said Schutt.

Robin is the event organizer for the Glacier Glide. She also coaches the kids and explains why it's worth it.

"It's so fun to see kids their first time on skies and you know see them improve, see them get excited about skiing and playing games. Just having fun with them out there," said Robin Brooks.

Her sister is Holly Brooks, who earned her spot on the Olympic team for Nordic skiing in Sochi this year.

Robin also has a long history with Nordic skiing and racing.

"I've been skiing my whole life. My parents put me on skies when I was two years old. My dad coached me all the way through high school and I raced in college."

This year was the 35th glacier glide race. The racers were satisfied and the crowd was very supportive.

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