Kalispell city officials are eying a grant that would put the wheels in motion for the Flathead County Rail Park. It's called a TIGER grant, and the planning department will now work closely with Flathead County Economic Development Authority to draft the grant application.

The rail park could help Kalispell's Core Revitalization Plan by moving the last two businesses that utilize the rails. That would allow the city to move the current tracks that split the city and begin redevelopment in that area.

"Obviously we intend to put our best effort into this," said Kalispell's Katharine Thompson. "It's a great opportunity to address some of the very significant costs for putting in a new rail park. We don't want to miss this chance."

Thompson said competition for a TIGER grant is fierce - the Department of Transportation expects to see 800-1000 applications and only hands out money to about 50 or so organizations.