Kalispell residents are still picking up the pieces after an early morning shooting spree Sunday left them with shattered car windows.

"These kids were on a rampage," said Kalispell Police Chief Roger Nasset. "Unfortunately it caused a lot of damage."

"We all had joyrides once upon a time but we didn't decide to start popping out people's windows or breaking them," said one neighbor.

One victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told NBC Montana he looked up from the damage on his car and was shocked to see most of his neighbors were affected, as well.

"When there's senseless destruction it's repulsive, it's sad, it's pathetic, it's unnecessary. It's too bad," he commented.

But Nasset said it was a tip from a citizen, reviewing of surveillance tapes, and a suspicious activity call that led to the quick arrest of the teens. Three have been released from juvenile detention but one remains incarcerated.

"There is no formal house arrest that they're under. They're back at home. Supposed to be law abiding," explained Nasset.

No official charges have been filed against the teens yet. Nasset said it's likely they'll face felony criminal mischief charges because of the magnitude of the damage.

"It's really going to change their futures in this community. People are probably not going to forget an episode like this," said the victim.

Nasset explained the damage costs are on the rise - $25,000-40,000 and counting. Youth court officials said if any of the teens are charged and are adjudicated, they will likely have to pay joint restitution.