The following is a press release from the Kalispell Police Department.

The scammer(s) are contacting individuals claiming to be a member of local law enforcement or an employee of a local court. In the reported cases the scammer has some limited personal information of the intended victims. The scammer is telling the victims that they have missed jury duty and as a result there has been a warrant issued for their arrest. The victim is then told that if they do not pay the outstanding warrant immediately they will be arrested and incarcerated. The scammers tell the victims that the court will only accept credit card payments and it must be immediately paid to avoid going to jail.

The scammers are telling the victims they are to stay on the cell phone line while they go to a local retailer and obtain a prepaid credit card. The scammers tell the victims to purchase two $1000.00 cards and to then relay the card numbers to pay the fictitious warrant and to avoid going to jail.

Be advised local law enforcement and local courts do not call individuals and demand payment over the phone. If you get a suspicious call tell them you will call them back. Be very suspicious of callers that are pushy and demanding immediate payment through prepaid credit cards and if you believe the call is suspicious, call law enforcement to get their opinion.