They said Cramer's preliminary hearing is set for July 30. By then, they will have the affidavit of probable cause finished. County Attorney Ben Krakowka was working on the document when we spoke to him Thursday afternoon, and he said it will be finished much sooner than that.

Because this case crosses state lines, the defense attorney told us the federal government may also take part in the case.

The county attorney said they're taking their time to ensure they have all the proper evidence.

Krakowka explained, "When dealing with a case of this nature, the Montana Crime Lab is going to be extremely careful and extremely thorough. The very nature of being thorough requires they take their time and act very carefully, looking at every possible angle they can think of when examining every piece of evidence."

Former FBI Profiler and NBC Criminal Analyst Clint Van Zandt told us cases where a parent kills a child are not entirely uncommon, and are often an act of punishment toward the other parent.

Van Zandt explained, "In the case of either a mother or biological father... if we see them kill a child over child custody, we consider emotional challenges and substance abuse, but it's also a way for one parent to punish the other. It's to say, 'How can I punish you for the rest of your life for what you've done to me? I'll take the child that you love and I'll take the life of that child.'"

We're also working to track down Jeremy Cramer's connections to Montana. We found neighbors who knew Cramer when he lived at a Bozeman apartment complex. A background check showed Cramer lived in the complex back in 2000.

It's the same address that showed up on the disorderly conduct ticket given to him Monday night.

Neighbors who knew him said he wasn't especially personable.

We also checked on a former address listed in the Anaconda area.

What we found surprised us -- the address, 700 Elm Street, doesn't exist anymore.

The City of Anaconda said it was changed more than 10 years ago. The current resident of the home said she moved in four years ago, and never knew Cramer.

According to the background check, Cramer lived in Anaconda between 1997 and 2000.