Jay and Shirley Bridgewater

Born in South Holland, Illinois on the South Side of Chicago ? Northwest Indiana. Just miles to where the movie ? The Christmas Story? was filmed. (I even had a red rider B.B. Gun. ?Dasiy?)

Married in 1982 to Shirley Sinnema ? Dyksterhouse who was Born and raised in Churchill/Amsterdam, Montana. A real Montana Girl.

Lived in Crown Point, Indiana until Semi-retiring in 2003, when Shirley and I moved back to her home town area in Montana.

I took a meteorology class in college at Governors State University in Illinois.

Worked with several friends back in the 70?s who use to track the early NOAA weather satellites using home made Hamm Radio Equipment and print data on an old style spinning thermo fax machines. It would take 45 minutes to get a satellite image on thermo paper.

Helped a friend develop a Quadrafilar Helical Antenna, which would now do satellite tracking from horizon to horizon. This greatly improved the resolution of the images.

Most of these old friends of mine now work for Northrop Grumman Aerospace and all of them have had Davis weather stations for years.

I have attended many conferences with them to share they antenna designs and old school bread board receiver designs. Now days everything is P.C. software driven.

I currently have a Davis Weather Station II. It is an older model and has a few problems with dew points. But the temp and wind is usually right on. It is located on a Roan Tower about 25? above ground.

During grad school I began a career in Professional and Broadcast Audio. This included design and installation of many television facilities and sports arenas, major league ball parks and museums.

Since moving back to Montana in 2003 I have been working as a consultant in the design of Pro Audio Systems as well as Acoustical Designs for Churches, Schools and Public Spaces.

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