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Drunk passenger throws prosthetic leg at flight crew

A drunk passenger began using profanity and demanding cigarettes before she slapped a child, removed her prosthetic leg and began attacking the flight crew…

Hitchhiking robot

Hitchhiking robot is halfway across Canada

As far as hitchhikers go, this one looks harmless enough. He or she -- it's hard to tell -- is short and friendly, if a little fashion-challenged.


Beer thrown at tiger during drunken zoo party

The London Zoo is under investigation after complaints that drunken, rowdy after-hours parties are endangering the zoo animals' safety.

Drone carrying camera

Drone with drugs, phones crashes outside prison

Look! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a drone trying to smuggle drugs and cellphones into a South Carolina prison.


New ice cream changes color as you lick it

A Spanish physicist has invented a new flavor of ice cream that changes color as it is licked.

Pregnancy, pregnant

Father-to-be takes hilarious 'maternity pictures'

Having a sense of humor about pending fatherhood is generally a good thing. But in one Reddit user's case, it's a really good thing.

Sundae in a can

Cronut creator unveils ice cream sundae in a can

Cronut imitators, take note! The chef behind the infamous Cronut, Dominique Ansel, announced his newest concoction: an ice cream sundae ... in a can.

Doctor with scalpel, surgery blurb

Plastic surgeon sued over 'cocaine nose' photos

A woman is suing a plastic surgeon after he posted before and after photos of her facial reconstruction surgery on his website without her consent, labeling…


Couple wants to change middle names to 'Seamonster'

There have been some "Awesome" name change requests, but none quite like this one.

Robert Hamilton Indiana lottery

Man wins 2 $1 million jackpots in 3 months

An Indiana man beats the odds twice in three months, winning two $1 million lottery jackpots.

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Train station at Neverland Ranch

Go inside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Go inside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, which has been put up for sale five years after his death.

Children playing, day care

15 best U.S. spots for kids

August is National Family Fun Month. Spend some time with yours at these 15 best U.S. spots for kids.

Angel in hot chocolate mug

Jesus, Mary sighted ... everywhere

From a T-shirt to a cheese doodle -- some people say they've seen the likeness of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and other religious figures in a whole host of places.


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