NBC Montana is digging into the finances of the race for Missoula mayor. Early in the year, some thought two-time incumbent John Engen would run unopposed, but he’s facing three candidates in November.

NBC Montana has been going through each candidate’s required financial campaign reports, and found out that Engen has nearly $13,000 in his campaign account based on a recent report. The candidate with the second most is Peggy Cain, with just about $480.

From March 15 to August 24, Engen’s campaign received $15,985 dollars. Notable contributions include several donations from attorneys at the same law firm -- Datsopoulos, MacDonald & Lind, as well as contributions from lawmakers like Democratic Representative Ellie Hill and Governor Steve Bullock. Engen’s campaign also received a donation from Missoula’s Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Bender.

In Peggy Cain’s reports, NBC found that her campaign reported $2,525 in donations, but $2,100 came from her own pocket. The rest came from private donors.

When it comes to Dean McCollom, his campaign reports $893 in contributions, but it’s a loan from McCollom himself.

Michael Hyde donated $300 to his own campaign and apparent family members kicked in another $300. Montana Commissioner of Political Practices office staff tell NBC Montana Hyde’s campaign returned a $1,000 contribution from a company known as Outside In Garden, partly because the campaign was advised by the office it was over the contribution limit of $160.