Holiday shopping season is coming down to the wire, and in Kalispell, local businesses have been working hard to make the most of it.

At Wheaton’s Cycle, November sales were higher than usual this year -- boosted in part by the success of Small Business Saturday, but also because of innovations in the cycling industry and efforts of store staff to attract customers.

Store manager Hans Axelsen tells us some of the most popular items this time of year are stocking stuffers, like lights, bells and accessories, as well as kids' bikes and fat bikes, a new trend in cycling that allows riders to travel on sand and snow.

Axelsen also says that the company’s website has helped with sales outside of the area, and helped to draw customers into the store.

"We have increased its ability to allow you to shop and then they usually call us about information that usually will lure that customer either into the store or maybe we handle an online sale either directly over the phone, but it has helped us out quite a bit." Axelson says of the store's website.