BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Organizers were busy, Wednesday, making final preparations for the sixth annual Miracle on 19th at Old Chicago.

It's a free, standard Thanksgiving meal open to the public, designed for those who can't afford it or for folks eating alone on the holiday.

The event is a partnership between the Hilton Garden Inn and Old Chicago.

Hilton Garden Inn Executive Chef Todd Christensen tells us they started preparing Monday for an estimated 350 guests.

Food vendors donated 22 turkeys, 80 pounds of green beans, 30 to 40 pounds of cranberries, 75 loaves of bread for stuffing and between 80 and 100 pumpkin pies.

Christensen tells us it's an honor and humbling to be able to prepare the meal.

"It's a way for all of us to kind of give back to the community to remember what Thanksgiving's about, to remember really what the spirit of everything is and it's something we can get out children involved in, too," says Christensen.