Just a month ago, drivers kept to 55 miles an hour on Highway 2 in Evergreen. But a few weeks ago, that changed to 65.

"Personally I like the speed increase,” said Sheri Willward, who works at Glacier Produce off Highway 2.

She feels the speed limit won't affect her business or customers.

"We haven't noticed any change whatsoever.  We have a frontage road, so that helps us."

Flathead County Commissioners worked with the Montana Department of Transportation to study the stretch of road, and found that changing the speed limit would make it more consistent.

A road contracting manager we spoke with didn't want to talk with us on camera, but told us he believes the speed change made it more difficult for his drivers to merge with traffic.

We wanted to find out how far it takes to get your car up to 65 miles an hour on this stretch of road, and after driving it and trying it, I found that it takes about 1/10th of a mile to get your car fully up to speed.

Other businesses don't seem to mind faster traffic.

David Wagner owns Glacier Sun Winery, located right off Highway 2 in Evergreen.

He sees cars travel along the road every day.

"I don't think it will make that much of a difference,” Wagner said.  “I still think people are driving that consistent, under 60 speed.  You don't see a lot of people speeding.  Once in a while you'll see someone that's going fast but people are mostly trying to drive a consistent speed."

The change is brand new, so over the next few months people on both sides will be able to study accidents and tickets see if it was the right decision.