Health Sciences At Tech Introduce New Labs And Cutting Edge Technology


BUTTE, Mont. - In an effort to improve quality of learning and attract more students Montana Tech upgraded its health sciences building and celebrated with an open house on Thursday.

Program directors and professors agree having the right facilities to teach cutting edge technology is the best way to prepare students to be real life professionals.

The new and improved building includes larger labs and new equipment.

Officials feel the new health sciences building opened a window of opportunities for the nursing program.

"Nursing has grown so much that equipment is more advanced that we were really running out of storage area so this has really helped us," Montana Tech Assistant Nursing Professor Elaine Hunter said.

Simulation laboratories are a part of the new improvements.

Students learned just this week how to identify shock and stroke by practicing on the simulation machine (human robot).

"We like how much hands on time there is there's a lot of realistic qualities to it so we're able to practice a lot of the procedures that we'll actually have to be doing," Tech Nursing student Adrian Shively said.

Officials said they school is also focusing on distance learning.

According to nursing department officials the hope is to have every course offered in the bachelors of nursing program available online by spring 2013.

The new building is already offering interactive programs that allow teleconferencing and a program that records lectures for off campus students to use.

"We as a Montana University system are working towards more collaboration more sharing not only across the state, but with other states as well to make education more available and more accessible for everyone," Montana Tech Distance Learning Coordinator Kathy Stevens said.

So Tech students and prospective Tech students have more opportunity towards achieving a higher education.

"Our hope is that they find and see the importance of science that surrounds them on an everyday basis," Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) Director Matt Vincent said.

CFWEP is a part of the Institute for Educational Opportunities (formerly Technical Outreach) and is located in the upgraded Health Sciences building.

CWEP along with other Institute programs had staff and demonstrations available during the open house.

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