Health care website experiences difficulty throughout day as deadline nears


MISSOULA, Mont. - People experienced difficulties signing up for health care on the federal website at the Missoula library.

Computer screens froze, accounts said they were locked or disabled.

Some had to wait and wait for an email verification.

"We drove into town today to get some help, and well first the website was down and I can't seem to establish a user ID and password. It won't accept me," said Rae Lund, a resident outside of Stevensville.

"The website is not accessible so I had to open up a new email address and I will be back in two weeks to see if I can't get on ObamaCare," said Missoula resident Dana Pairino.

Those without health insurance face a fine of $95. However, according to Missoula navigator Alla Kirilovich, those who have attempted today to log in will not be penalized. 

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